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Most of the following CDs are available in Japan

  • Violin works 5 Franck Faure Hosokawa (Live in Tokyo 2010)

  • Lalo violin concertos symphony Espagnole and Russian Concerto cond.Marco Guidarini Nice Philharmonic Orchestra (2008)
    Beethoven String Quartet op.130

  • Violin works 4 strauss Brahms Okada(Live in Tokyo 2009)

  • Violin works 3 Mozart Debussy Nodaira(Live in Tokyo 2008)

  • Violin works live in Tokyo Nr2 schubert,Enesco etc...
    Form Nami Record

  • Renewal Mozart 5 concertos with Camerata academica Salzburg/S.Vegh
    (5th nov)Sony-tower record

  • Miyoshi concertos live (25th Oct)camerata tokyo

  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Solo violin sonats BWV 1001, 1003 and1005(CBS/SONY 32DC 1012)

  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Trio sonatas - Yuzuko Horigome, Jean-Michel Tanguy - Jacques Willemyns (PAVANE ADW 7207)

  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Violin concertos BWV 1041 et BWV 1042, Partita BWV 1006 (CBS/SONY 32DC 600)

  • Ludwig van Beethoven - 10 variations on the Miiller's song << Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu op 121a - Yuzuko Horigome, Rudolf Serkin et Peter Wiley (SONY SMK 47296)

  • Ludwig van Beethoven - Violin concerto op.61 - Yuzuko Horigome - Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra - Moshe Atzmon (DABRINGHAUS und GRIMM LC 6768)

  • Max Bruch Violin concertos op. 26 et 46 with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under Yuri Simonov (TRING TRP108)

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Violin concertos KV 207, 211 et 219 with the Camerata Academica des Mozarteums Salzburg directed by Sandor Vegh (CBS/SONY CSCR 8020)

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Violin concertos KV 216 et 218 with the Camerata Academica des Mozarteums Salzburg directed par Sandor Vegh (CBS/SONY CSCR 8020)

  • Franz Schubert- Fantasia in C maj. D934, op.159 - Misato Mochizuki - Pas-sages for solo violin - Antonin Dvorak Sonata in F maj. op.57 and Piotr Iliych Tchaikovsky Valse sentimentale with Ichiro Nadiara at the piano (LIVE NOTES WWCC-7554)

  • Jean Sibelius - Violin concerto op.47 with the Concertgebouw Orchestra directed by Ivan Fischer (CBS/SONY 30DC 5111)

  • J Recital << Molto Cantabile >> - Yuzuko Horigome et Wolfgang Manz - Scores of Vitali, Veracini, Leclair, Paganini, Ravel, Debussy, Granados, de Falla, Tchaikovsky and de Sarasate (Sony SRCR 9799)

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